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OVertone Reviews

Joanie Moser
2020-05-07 12:18:56

Rose gold for brown hair made me a mermaid goddess

I read mostly good reviews on Instagram, watched many videos on YouTube, and made my decision that way. Saw this page as I was about to put it in my hair and it spooked me! But since we're in quarantine what's to lose? I have brown hair with balayage that was originally Auburn, but as the toner faded it's gone just yellow and blond. So I decided to try the rose gold for brown hair. And let me tell you, I LOVE IT. tint on the dark hair, beautiful perfect rosy pink on my balayage highlights. Even my fiance was so happily surprised with how it turned out! He was worried I'd go punk rock pink. But it's nothing like that. And my hair is nourished. So. Strong recommend from this girl!

Leslie Hill
2019-12-18 00:41:14

Great product

Great product, hair felt soft with no damage. I recommend doing it twice so it's not splotchy especially if you're using a dark color like the extreme silver like I did. But great product.

Noelle Novakovich
2020-03-12 19:39:23


I have been using their color pigment deep conditioners for years! I always have crazy colored hair and these have helped me pro-long color without frequent trips to the salon. 12/10 would recommend it!

2020-04-28 09:07:11

Not the worst, not the best.

I went to cosmetology school. I know that these sorts of bright colors show best on really blonde/platinum hair. Still I was just desperate to have less orangey hair. I ordered blue for brown hair, and although it wasn’t back ordered when I ordered it, it took about 3 weeks to get here. I did a strand test. Figured it was pretty dark. Think like navy blue. I didn’t hate the color, So I did it all. I left it all on my head for about 30 mins. I rinsed it out let it dry and it was fine. It’s not something I’d order again, but I did notice that my hair was NOTICEABLY softer and less frizzy. So the colors meh, but I did like how it left my hair feeling. *side note; rinse it REALLY well. I don’t think I rinsed it as well as I should have the first time and my scalp was super itchy. I ended up washing it with my regular shampoo and conditioner and that appears to have cleared it up.

2020-04-30 12:39:00

Achieved expected results

I’m writing this review after using Overtone last night for the first time. To begin with, my hair is shoulder length, dark brown/grey with dirty blond highlights and I have a ton of hair. I ordered the pastel blue color and looked at the strand test pictures that were provided in the website to see what type of color to expect. I expected a grey/blue color since that is what it looked like in the pictures. That is mostly what I got also. My hair turned almost silver blue where the highlights were, with a few of my lighter strands being a more obvious blue. My darker hair just looks darker with a bluish tint. I left it in for the 20 minutes and then I blew my hair dry. I actually like the results. I used most of the tub of conditioner. Did I have specific expectations about how it needed to turn out? No. Maybe that is why I am more satisfied. I love how soft and shiny my hair is and I like the minty smell of the conditioner. I also received emails about my order progress and knew that it would be taking awhile, so I also wasn’t disappointed with the wait. I ordered three more colors to try, so I would say I’m pretty content.

Alicia Martin
2019-11-28 17:02:25

I love this product!

I love this product!! It was easy and safe to use on my hair. I won't go back to dying ever!!

2020-05-08 14:47:30

No more gray roots!

I have shoulder length hair that is starting to gray. In a moment of desperation I dyed it back to my natural color before Thanksgiving (Holiday photos!) I hate it and am trying to let it grow out but have about an inch of gray on the roots of my hair now. Nobody knows though! I've been using OverTone's coloring conditioner sparingly on my roots then combing it through so it blends. You would never know my roots are gray! I am so glad to have tried this! I have to reapply periodically (but much less often since I started using the daily color conditioner) but it is super easy. I do recommend that you use gloves when you apply it because it does discolor your hands / nails temporarily but nothing awful. All other aspects of the product are good. No bad small, super conditioning, easy to apply, etc etc etcIf you are struggling with unsightly roots this has worked beautifully. I have shared with a few friends who now use it regularly. With Covid none of us can get to the salon anyway so this has been a great solution!

Julie Adams
2020-04-15 18:31:59

Great Experience Overall!

I read so many awful reviews on this product so I wanted to leave mine since my experience was generally positive!I ordered this product March 29th and it shipped April 3rd. Since I'm in Canada, total cost with shipping was $38.99 USD, which at this point in time is about $55 CAD...A little pricey. But since I'll be getting multiple uses I sucked it up. As far as time it took to arrive it was pretty standard.Opening the product, it's very thick and it smells nice. I guess this depends on preference though as it's quite minty. I like the smell personally.I read some other reviews that had a couple warnings. Once being that this stuff stains your bathroom, which is not unlike other box dyes but my bathroom is totally WHITE so I was extremely careful during application. I laid down an old towel and even kept cleaning supplies on hand so I could lightly scrub before the stains set in. A little psychotic, I know, but I don't want stains. Because of this, my bathroom was stain free after application (yay!). I also saw a review that said you can leave the product on for longer than the recommended 15 minutes. I left mine on for about 40 minutes. I had also done a strand test and skin test prior to application which the product recommends and you should ALWAYS do before trying any new product. For some of the horror stories I've read (hair falling out??) I wonder if this was due to an individual allergic reaction. Don't know, not an expert. But I definitely did not experience ANYTHING like this. No irritation, no itching, no nothing. It just sat on my head, it was fine.I rinsed the product out after 40 min. Make sure you REALLY rinse it out. Like flip your head over - do top, bottom, sides, etc. work your fingers through as you rinse and keep going until the water runs clear. I read reviews about color transfer on hands and pillows at night. I thoroughly rinsed and did not experience either of these issues.The final result looks great! I started with a faded out reddish-light brown and after I have a deep, rich espresso. It's pretty much on par with any box dye I've used, the only difference being that grey coverage is not as intense. I have a few greys up top and while it did color, they are more like a lighter brown. So they blend nicely, but I wouldn't call it full grey coverage. Also, my hair feels so soft! I was waiting until day 2 because usually when I use a box dye it feel nice for the first few hours and then gradually feels dried out and crispy, but I'm on day 2 now and my hair still feels super soft and nice. It does not feel processed at all - it feels better than what I started with.I'm curious to see what the fade out timeline is like, but given the nature of the product I'd say it'll probably stick around for a couple weeks. Not as long as the '28 washes' you get from a semi-permanent and definitely not as long as a permanent, but the trade off is softer hair that you're not putting through the ringer every time you color.I will say - I used A LOT when I applied. Probably half the tub. I don't know if I needed to use as much as I did but I wanted to make sure everything was covered. I don't have super thick hair. It's mid-back length and fine. Given how much I used, this product should get me 2, maybe 3 applications. So a little pricey for how many times you can use it, but again - the trade off is soft, unprocessed hair.Hope this helps others make a decision!

Jenn Sanderson
2020-02-27 23:50:58

Remedy is the Remedy for dry over bleached hair!

I've been using oVertone's for 3 months and have to say I wish I tried them sooner. I have a lot of breakage from bleaching my hair, so I got the Remedy and I have seen a great difference; my hair is softer and smoother. I also LOVE the purple daily condition , I don't use it every day but once a week and it helps with keeping my hair a bit ashy along with a very subtle purple undertone.

Anna Yi
2020-03-26 19:54:55

Mixed Results

I could not find how to write this review on the Overtone website; so I am hoping that someone sees it here and its cautious about using the product. First of all, I have used Overtone hair depositing masks for almost a year now. My very first experience with it was great - I used the purple for brown hair mask and it worked really well! That was about a year ago, I did not use it all over, just on the underneath portion of my hair and it looked amazing. It was a really pretty, rich, vibrant purple color and I could not have been happier. It was a good experience. I have used the purple for brown hair multiple times since then and ALWAYS had good results, never any damage to hair that I saw. Now, a few months back I wanted to try a different color and ordered "extreme silver" because it had SO many positive reviews on the website. I tried it and it turned out awful. The first day it was okay, but it honestly just made my hair darker and added a tiny hint of silver. After washing a couple times my hair looked mousy/grey just not good. Luckily, it came out completely within a few weeks because I washed my hair every day to try and get it out quicker. You would have thought I learned my lesson; nope! I decided to try yet another color - the highly talked about and popular "rose gold for brown hair." Mind you, this was after the previous color had completely faded out of my hair, so no I was not putting color on top of color. This is the one I feel really mixed about. I have medium brown hair and used the rose gold for brown hair mask all over. The result was definitely not what I would consider "rose gold." It wasn't awful, just not at all what I expected. My roots and top area remained pretty much the same, with maybe just a little tint of red and then towards the mid-end of my hair turned a bright pink/purple but definitely not rose gold. It is not awful as it has blended pretty well with my natural hair color, I just hope it fades nicely. Anyway, it was not what was advertised and I'm not sure why exactly people rated this color so highly. What I do like about Overtone is that it does not cause a large amount of damage. The only thing I have noticed is a little more hair shedding after using the product, but other than that hair feels pretty good. Needless to say, this will be my last experiment with Overtone for a while. I am going to let the "rose gold" or rather bright pink/purple colors fade out of my hair and then leave it be. Short answer: use at your own risk...results are very mixed and will vary depending on your hair type/color/how long you leave on/if you have previously dyed hair, etc...

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Does OVertone offer NHS discount?

NHS staffs and health care providers can take advantage of Discount Codes and Promo Codes provided by OVertone. As the discount is helpful to you, please use it in OVertone as soon as possible. And you can also log in to find more Promo Codes before you place an order.

Does OVertone have a student discount?

Yes. OVertone sets up a set of Discount Codes specifically for college students and high school students. Go to and search for OVertone to find student discounts. Remember, you have to provide the proof of student status to get student discounts at

Can I combine OVertone's Voucher Codes?

No, you can't. There are corresponding regulations on the number of OVertone Voucher Codes that can be used in a customer's single order, and the customer's order cannot be combined with other OVertone Promo Codes. However, in addition to OVertone Discount Codes, there are many other discounts that you can get without a coupon. You can browse to find the OVertone Discount Codes you want.

How to save at OVertone?

OVertone often offers various Voucher Codes to save you up to £20 for shopping. But OVertone Discount Codes are usually only valid for a limited time. In this case, OVertone will remind you before the expiration date, so that you don't miss the time limit for use!

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